Police search for man accused of stealing mail

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BYRNES MILL, MO - On Monday Byrnes Mill Police were looking for a man they said has been going around Jefferson County and stealing people’s mail.

One neighbor even captured the guy committing the act on camera about two weeks ago.

The owner of the surveillance video didn’t want to be identified but said that he hopes the police find the man seen driving around his neighborhood of Walnut.

“He approaches my mailbox,” the neighbor explained, “he had looked but did not open it and then proceeded on to the neighbor’s mailbox where it appeared that he attempted or tried to look in there and possibly obtain some mail.”

Police said that the man had been driving through several neighborhoods doing the same thing.

“I guess they would be looking for credit cards that might be in the mail, social security checks, income tax returns, and then they will make up a fake ID and try and cash the checks,” said Police Chief Garrick Dougherty.

Police said that over the weekend a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the blue Ford pick-up truck in question that led to a brief pursuit before the man took off running.

“A few minutes later it was found in High Ridge, abandoned on a private street and the investigation from the sheriff’s department found a lot of mail in the truck,” said Dougherty, “the plates that were on it are stolen.”

Dougherty said that the sheriff’s department is handling the investigation and contents of mail found inside of the truck.

“The concern for everybody that is in the area is that there is somebody that’s on the lose that has not been captured but will be hopefully,” said the neighbor.

Police could not provide a description of the man.

If you or know someone who has been a victim of stolen mail you are encouraged to call the Byrnes Mill Police Department at (636) 677-7727 or the Jefferson County Sherriff’s Department at (636) 797-5000.

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