DREAMers and supporters march in the Delmar Loop

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UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. - Their message is loud and clear: "Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcomed here."

More than two dozen Missourians convened in the Delmar Loop Friday night to have their voices heard as DACA, the deal protecting immigrants, hang in the balance.

"We're hoping to get urgency out," organizer Bryan Mejia said. "We are past due what needs to be happening, which is the Dream Act."

Within President Donald Trump's first year in office, he terminated the DACA program, leaving millions of immigrants in the United States unsure if they would have to pack their bags and head back to their respective country of birth.

It's that decision that forced Poplar Bluff, Missouri resident Carly Garcia's husband to seek shelter at a sanctuary church in the St. Louis area.

"It's been very hard emotionally for me and for the kids," she said. "It's been hard financially because that's a two and a half, three-hour drive!"

Since they feel lawmakers on Capitol Hill aren't doing enough, the group took their issue to who they say is their extended voice: Senator Claire McCaskill.

"I want her to stand with us," a DREAMer said.

When the White House ended DACA, Senator McCaskill called the decision "dumb as it is counterproductive."

"I want her to make change," Garcia said. "I want her to make it easy or easier for people behind me or like my husband to become citizens."

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