Disabled residents trapped in high rise apartments after elevators break

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UPDATE: The Council Tower apartment elevators are back in operation.

ST. LOUIS, MO — Tense times Thursday morning for residents at a midtown apartment high rise building after the elevators break down. The Council Tower apartments just off Grand Avenue and I-64 are home to senior citizens and those with disabilities.

The elevators, which aren't working, are located just inside the lobby. Residents have had some long and difficult walks getting downstairs from their apartments.

This problem apparently happened Wednesday night.  One of the resident managers says there was a flood on one of the floors and that led to the elevators breaking down.

The apartment building has 26 floors. Residents say this is an apartment building for independent living for seniors and the disabled. There are people in wheelchairs who are unable to get out of their apartments.

We have reached out to the property managers for comment but have not yet heard back. A relative of one of the residents said workers tried to help residents who needed assistance after the elevators went down.

The St. Louis Fire Department at the apartments Wednesday night, but it appears that was for a different reason.

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