$50,000 reward to find Ferguson murder suspect

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — A Ferguson mother is holding out hope that those accused of murdering her son will be brought to justice.  Crimestoppers has upped the incentive for information. They're now offering a reward of up to $50,000 for tips that lead to an arrest in the murder of Donnell Drake Jr.

“I am committed to see something and an anonymous donor is equally committed to seeing something as well,” said Robin Drake.

Robin Drake is the mother of Donnell Drake Jr who was shot and killed on July 28th around 10pm at his apartment complex.  He was getting into his car to go to his mom's house. Wednesday marked the 7-month anniversary of his murder. There are no leads in the case.

“This increased reward money is phenomenal because we're bringing light. Shedding new information on the case, maybe it will bring those responsible for murder to justice,” said Robin Drake.

An anonymous donor upped the reward to $50,000, but there is a deadline of March 31st.

"March 24th is my son's birthday. He would have been 23-years old. I believe if we stick together, grab arms and move forward that we can physically march those responsible into justice,” said Robin Drake.

What police know is that a car pulled into Donnell's complex, five or six masked men got out and started to walk around suspiciously. Donnell called police, told an elderly neighbor to stay inside, and then went to get into his car. At that point, someone came up and shot him.

“There's no recipe book for how this should look like, or what I should do. But I get up with the strength of God and I keep going for my family,” said Robin Drake.

Drake wants to thank everyone for their love and support. She says it has been felt and she is begging for people to come forward.

“Any tips are anonymous, can't find your number or IP address or anything on the internet. Come forward and collect $50,000,” said Robin Drake.

Drake says the pain of losing her son is unthinkable, however, she picked up a new son in this tragedy.  She is caring for Donnell's 2-year-old son when she can.

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