A mother’s faith in justice was restored after getting help from CrimeStoppers

The goal of CrimeStoppers is to help police solve cases. The Executive Director of the organization Lisa Pisciotta said the organization fills a necessary gap between not saying anything about a crime and having to speak out publically and with the community’s help it can be very successful.

Carolyn Lollis knows the success of CrimeStoppers first hand. Her son Gregory Jordan was gunned down on September 7th 2015 by his so-called best friend Benjamin Chatman in a dispute over $50.

After the shooting Chatman disappeared and Carolyn turned to CrimeStoppers to help find him. Nine months later police got an anonymous tip that Chatman was in New York. He was arrested, tried, and two years after the murder Chatman was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“CrimeStoppers can help you if you just reach out and let them help,” said Lollis.

Pisciotta said the CrimeStoppers system works because everything is anonymous. She said they do not have a caller ID and the first thing they do is ask you not to say your name.

You can also submit a tip through the CrimeStoppers website or app “P3Tips”. Pisciotta said they work with an outside program that wipes lines clear from the website or app before it gets to them so it remains anonymous.

CrimeStoppers offers a monetary reward if your tip leads to an arrest, but how do they know who gets the mone

Pisciotta said when you turn in a tip you are given an ID or password. Then it is up to you to call back to CrimeStoppers and through your ID or password, they let you know if your tip led to an arrest, how much money you will get and how you want to pick it up.

Tips through CrimeStoppers have led to over 600 arrests. Yet there are still hundreds of cases left unsolved. The Lollis’ family hopes their story gives other families in their situation faith that the community and CrimeStoppers system can work.

If you have a tip on a case you can email, use the app or call CrimeStoppers at 1-866-317-TIPS.