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Shooting victim gets a surprise gift from the Ferguson Police Department

FERGUSON, MO - Brandi Jones got an unwelcome surprise Saturday when her car was stolen from her Ferguson home.

In the trunk of her 1995 Hyundai, her boyfriend`s wheelchair.

“The physical therapy he does and has to go to a wound doctor every week,” says Brandi Jones.

“He is required to be there every week.  With the car it was good and we were learning how to maneuver in and out with the wheelchair.  But it`s a really difficult thing to get used to having to do those kind of things.”

In August, Jones' boyfriend was shot in Berkeley.

That case is still ongoing and he is recovering from his wounds and unavailable for this interview.

But the Ferguson resident`s got a surprise from the police department Monday.

“There was a whole squad of Ferguson police outside,” says Jones.

The Ferguson officers and Police Chief Delrish Moss had a gift, a replacement wheelchair.

“They were super happy, and that`s one of those things we don`t get to see most of the times because we`re called to the worst of situations.  But when you get a chance to put a smile on somebody`s face that`s always a good thing.  So, they got the wheelchair, they were really thankful and now we`ll be looking for their car.”

“I was really, really shocked,” says Jones.  “I didn`t expect everybody to show up like that.  It was really nice.”

If you like to help Brandi Jones, a GoFundMe account has been setup.