Disappearing dumpster problem in East St. Louis

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - It's the case of the suddenly-appearing-then-disappearing trash dumpster.

It happened at what looked like a vacant property in East St. Louis. The business property owner uses the land at 6th and Walnut to park trailers for his trucking business. A few months ago, out of the blue, a big blue construction dumpster showed up and people began to dump their trash in it.

The dumpster disappeared, but the trash inside of it stayed.

When property owner Bey Miller-Bey first saw the dumpster in the fall, he noticed a Republic Services waste disposal sticker on it. He took photos of the dumpster and started making calls to figure out what it was doing there. He did not order the dumpster for use at his business.

"I contacted Republic's number (on the sticker) on the blue container. They tell me it's not there. They swear up and down it's not there," Miller-Bey said. "You know when people see dumpsters they come by and dump trash in them, man; it's plain as day over here."

The dumpster filled up with trash within a week and a half, he said.

Someone took it away but dumped the trash when no one was around to see. Miller-Bey showed photos of the dumpster to Republic officials but the trash sat for about three months.

After Fox 2/News 11 made calls, Republic sent out a crew to clean up the trash heap Friday.

"I've got a trucking company. I park trailers here. I can't park trailers here properly with this trash sitting here. I even lease spots out for guys with trailers. This is impacting me. It's in the way. I need it out of the way," Miller-Bey said.

A Republic spokesman told Fox2/News 11 the dumpster was very likely a Republic dumpster but he couldn't say for sure because there was no record of it ever being delivered or picked up.

Even if it was not actually a Republic dumpster the company agreed to pick up the trash heap. It was gone by Friday afternoon.