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Pothole repair being delayed by weather

CREVE COEUR, MO -The threat of ice has not only kept area road crews busy but in some cases, the threat means pothole repairs will be delayed.

“Our forces are either salting or they’re on standby near their districts in the event our meteorologists tell us you need to get people out there right now,” said David Wrone, Public Information Manager for St. Louis County Transportation and Public Works.

“Every time you try to dodge one pothole you hit 2 more,” said St. Louis area motorist Aaron Shumpert.  He said a pothole did enough damage to his vehicle to leave him with hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Wrone said pothole repairs will take place as soon as the threat of icy weather subsides.  Potholes are an inevitable reality in St. Louis.

“The freeze-thaw, the thaw-freeze with the traffic on the roads obviously it’s the perfect recipe for potholes,” said Wrone.  “There’s just no way to escape them.”

He encourages anyone seeing a pothole on a road maintained by St. Louis County to call 314-615-8538.  Potholes in St. Louis City can be reported at 314-622-4800.  For more information about reporting road problems on Missouri Interstates and highways maintained by MoDOT.

Illinois drivers can contact IDOT at 1-800-452-4368.