Threat at Wentzville area high school turns out to be hoax

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WENTZVILLE, Mo. - Tense moments at Timberland High School Tuesday morning as rumors of a threat against the school sparked students to call parents. Some parents did pick up several students early, despite it being a hoax. The rumor was that a threat had been made against the school by a current student.

Wentzville Schools Superintendent, Dr. Curtis Cain, “Everyone is exceptionally sensitive right now for the appropriate reasons.”

Dr. Cain says they were alerted last week to the social media rumor which referenced "a bad day."  The post was made prior to the tragedy in Florida. Nobody saw it posted, just that they heard there was one.

“The hoax came from a relationship that went awry. It came to a close between students and led to a comment. People took that comment and then away we go. You see what we’re dealing with.”

The school district and local law enforcement found no evidence of a threat but parents who picked up students said you can’t be too safe.

Timberland allowed students to leave with parental permission, stating they understand people are anxious in the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting.

“I’m a father of three in the district as well. So, I get that as a Dad,” says Dr. Cain. “I want everyone to know we are fully focused on not only the safety of students but our staff as well.”

Earlier in the day, Wentzville police released a statement regarding a "perceived threat" at Timberland High School. The department received several calls regarding a "possible" situation.

"We want to inform everyone after investigating this rumor there is no credible threat and the school and students are safe. The Wentzville School District and our police department will continue to monitor and provide updates if needed."

Letter from Timberland High School:

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