Drivers concerned about dangerous south St. Louis intersection after fatal crash

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ST. LOUIS - A recent fatal accident at Kingshighway Boulevard and Arsenal Street renewed concern of the dangers at that intersection, with many calling it one of the most unsafe intersections in St. Louis.

"The one that had the accident last night. It's a tricky intersection," said Robert Shelli, who lives nearby. "One way on Arsenal there's no left turns and people just turn left anyway. It's a frequent cause of accidents from what I've seen."

Shelli said he's seen a lot of accidents at that corner and too many close calls.

The intersection is by a school, Tower Grove Park, and a bus stop.

"Yes, this is a very dangerous intersection," said one MetroLink rider. "I tried to cross the street here once and I'll never do it again. I walk all the way to the corner to catch the bus."

That corner was the scene of a fatal crash on Monday, where 22-year-old Sarfaraz Sherzai died in a crash and another driver suffered minor injuries.

A 24-year-old passenger in one of the vehicles remains at a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Accident reconstruction responded and is still investigating this incident. Meantime, neighbors wonder if anything can be done to improve safety.

"During rush hour, a lot of people are trying to make left-hand turns against traffic and people get impatient and people make bad decisions, but I don't really see a good workaround for it," Shelli said. "If you put up extra stop signs, that's just going to cause more congestion because this is a major thoroughfare. They're really stuck logistically."

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