FBI’s St. Louis office issues warning about pornographic video shared on Facebook

ST. LOUIS - A disturbing video circulating on Facebook could mean trouble for anyone who views or shares it.

The FBI’s St. Louis office is warning the public to steer clear of the file and to report it to law enforcement and Facebook.

A video containing child pornography has been shared thousands of times so the man – unknown at the time - could be identified.

“We understand that people want to help,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent in St. Louis Chris Johnson said.

But he added that sharing the video could mean lead to serious consequences.

“There is a charge for distribution of child pornography. Even if you’re trying to help,” he said.

“The best thing you can do to help would be to contact your local law enforcement agency or the FBI. And the social media platform that it’s on, let them do their job, and help them recover that child,” Johnson said.

Facebook is actively investigating the incident.

The criminal case is being handled by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

The suspect, Germaine Moore turned himself in to authorities earlier this week. Moore faces 11 felony charges, including sexual assault of a child.