Homeowners catch car break-ins on security camera

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO - The St. Charles Hills neighborhood on Pembrook Ln. has been dealing with car break-ins recently, including several overnight Wednesday.  That’s not far from St. Charles West High School.

Home security video shows two individuals breaking into a locked car sitting in a driveway. The homeowner, Lauren Larue, didn’t realize it until she woke up the next morning.

Larue says, “We had five notifications that went off. It was these kids, two boys breaking into my car with a crowbar and then coming back and wiping off the fingerprints.”

The camera didn't pick up their motion as they looked through her car but it did catch them sprinting away on her street.

Lauren wasn't the only victim. St. Charles County police tell me they took six reports for property damage and theft overnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning.

“It’s been going on in our neighborhood for several weeks now,” says Larue.

Her neighbor a few houses down was also a victim. Larue believes this clip shows the two thieves hiding after breaking into the neighbor’s car, before hitting hers.

Police received complaints in the 2300 block of Bolten, 3100 block of Denton and 300 block of Abby.

“They even bent the door frame with a crowbar trying to get into the car. Glass everywhere and a deductible I have to pay.”

There were also reports of theft at nearby Sunnydale mobile home park in the last week.

Larue adds, “Last night I didn’t get any sleep. Tossing and turning waking up saying, ‘oh my God.’ I’m worried they are going to break into my house. It’s frustrating.”

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