NCADA to air new commercial during Super Bowl for third straight year

OLIVETTE, Mo. - For Heather Craig, it made common sense to take part in the new common enemy PSA for NCADA.

"It affects everyone regardless of your political background or religious background or your race," said Craig, a community strategist at NCADA. "It definitely transcends social economic statuses."

She's talking about the opioid epidemic in America. And she's putting her face behind her profession.

"There's no one-size-fits-all solution," said Nichole Dawsey, director of prevention education at NCADA. "We don't claim to have the solution, but we have a solution. And that is universal school-based prevention education that happens early and often with families."

The community strategist for the St. Louis office of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (NCADA) is appearing in a 30-second public service announcement scheduled to run during Sunday's football game.

The PSA features employees of the drug prevention organization encouraging parents to talk to their kids about prevention, even as early as kindergarten.

"Even as young as kindergarten," says Craig. "Absolutely, absolutely, I talk to (my son) all about it."

For the past three years, NCADA has produced some powerful PSAs, but this year's ad is a subtle approach encouraging conversation.

"There's a lot more that unites us than really divides us and unfortunately one of the things uniting us is that we're in the middle of this drug crisis," Dawsey said.