Witness recounts the events at the Concord Plaza shooting

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – A shooting in the parking lot of a busy south St. Louis County shopping center sends one man to a hospital.

The suspect and the victim were arguing inside of MoVape at Concord Plaza and the fight continued outside. That’s when police say the suspect shot the victim who fell to the ground. But all of this happened in the middle of Concord Plaza which was busy with shoppers in the middle of the afternoon.

“He was crying and screaming ‘My friend was shot. My friend was shot’ he was crying and screaming. I had 911 on the phone,” says John Judd who works in Concord Plaza.

He saw the shooting outside the MoVape store around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon.

“I thought that the guy was dead with that many shots in him and the guy that shot him was ranting and raving and waving his gun,” he explains.

That’s when Judd said the victim’s friend came running out to help.

He recounts, “The suspect had the victim’s friend lie on the ground. So, you had the victim laying on the ground suffering and then you had the friend laying on the ground face down.”

But with a business full of people Judd and his coworkers tried to protect their customers hiding them in back of the store.

That’s when the victim’s friend came running in asking for help. They didn’t know if he was involved in the violence so they checked him for weapons.

“My co-workers they were the ones who got the customers in back so they wouldn’t be in any harm because I was on the phone with 911 just trying to urge them to get the police here as soon as possible because the guy is yelling and screaming and waving his gun still,” says Judd.

The victim is in critical condition at a hospital.

The suspect was arrested on the scene and the Concord Plaza is back open to the public.

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