With relaunch of the XFL, could St. Louis see a return of football?

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ST. LOUIS - Reimaging football, with a fresh take on an old league.

Pro wrestling and sports entertainment mogul Vince McMahon is relaunching the XFL, his football league that opened and closed in 2001. The league, funded privately by McMahon's new company, Alpha Entertainment, will reopen in two years' time.

"Since we're launching in 2020, we have plenty of time to get it right," McMahon said. "We plan to start conservatively with eight teams."

There's no word where those teams will be housed, but some St. Louisans hope a franchise finds a home the prior tenants vacated.

"I think bringing football back is fun," football fan Ross Besch said. "The Rams base was strong, I think we been through so many…the owner was just horrible. I think some type of action and the excitement the XFL brings, it's going to be fun."

Greg Carr, a Philadelphia Eagles fan, said he's excited his team is heading to the Super Bowl. He's hopeful to have another team closer to home.

"That's a long way to go to root for a team," Carr said. "I hope we can come back and get a team here it will be well appreciated."

XFL is being sold as more physical than the National Football League. It's a pitch some sports fans are anxious to see with their own eyes.

"I like seeing big hits," football fan Kevin Smegner said. "I like awesome plays, short field. I'll be excited to see it, too."

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