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St. Louis Police Chief: “Carjacking as a crisis…will soon be Diminished”

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ST. LOUIS - St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief John Hayden is feeling confident the carjackings terrorizing the St. Louis region will soon cease.

In an exclusive interview with Fox2/KPLR, Chief Hayden said a task force made up of his department, St. Louis County Police, Missouri and Illinois State Highway Patrol, FBI, ATF, US Marshal's Office and law enforcement in the Metro East are working together to share leads and crackdown on the crimes.

"This task force is active, we are making arrests, we are becoming successful and I think that carjacking as a crisis or uptick will soon be diminished," said Chief Hayden.

Investigators are zeroing in on the primary groups involved. Police said there is a relatively small group of people behind the majority of the carjackings, ranging in age from 18 to 20 years old with some juveniles involved. They've discovered where they hang out and even where they may be heading next.

Chief Hayden said the challenge is catching each person involved in the carjacking’s because even if they successfully arrest the driver, the passengers could go on to commit a future carjacking.

According to our partners at the Post-Dispatch, the City of St. Louis had 190 carjackings in 2017.

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