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Parkway BOE candidate comes under fire for social media post

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CHESTERFIELD, MO - A Parkway School District candidate is coming under fire for material found on one of her social media feeds. A retweet from the feed of Jeanie Ames said Islam should be banned in the United States.

The spokesman for the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations says the largest Islamic Center in Missouri is located within the Parkway boundaries.

“That’s why the announcement of this candidate running is so shocking to everybody here,” said Faizan Sayed.

Another one of the posts on Ames’ Twitter feed compared former first lady Michelle Obama to a giant rat.

“I think that anybody who wants to be a board member of such a diverse school district, especially Parkway, that that type of history should really disqualify her for running for that board,” said Sayed.

Faris Mashaleh is a Parkway high school student and is disturbed by the posts.  He says he’s an Arab and a Muslim and feels right at home in a Parkway School District he describes as diverse.  He does not think Ames will find a lot of support.

“I just really hope everybody actually thinks this through before making a decision because it’s going to affect a lot of the students in the school,” he said.

As of Wednesday evening, Ames has not returned our messages seeking a response.  Ames met the requirements to run for office so voters will determine whether she’s successful. The election is scheduled for April 3rd.

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