Greitens holds press conference on budget amid news of extramarital affair

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Gov. Eric Greitens, (R) Missouri, held his first news conference since news of an extramarital affair broke.  The news conference was called to share his budget priorities for the state.

“We could raise taxes or cut spending,” said Greitens.  “We did the hard work of cutting spending.”

The governor’s plan includes bumps in spending for secondary and elementary education, public safety and infrastructure.  Funding cuts are proposed for higher education and Medicaid because the governor said cost savings can be found.

Greitens was asked several questions about an affair he has acknowledged.  He was also asked allegations he blackmailed the woman he was with.  The governor said he would address the issue once during the news conference and would then move on.  He denied using any photo for blackmail and denied being violent.  He said no investigative agency has contacted him about the matter.

“We’re now moving forward,” said Greitens.

The governor was asked if there was a compromising photo taken during his affair and told reporters he addressed the issues during weekend interviews including an exclusive television interview with FOX 2.

“Many of the rumors that have been put out our false and they have been hurtful,” said Greitens.  He said he was grateful to his wife for forgiving him and said all parties involved have asked for privacy.