Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse closed due to shutdown

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - The impact of the federal government shutdown continues to worsen in both Missouri and Illinois. Some federally funded places are closed like the Arch and the Old Courthouse, some are open and some could close later this week.

Congress' failure to pass a budget ruined a visit for one family from Kentucky that was visiting the Gateway Arch. They had tickets in hand and ready to visit for a birthday trip. Their daughter just turned nine and all the family wanted to do was go up in the arch. They were not alone.

The last time Ashley Kelly came to visit the monument it was also during a government shutdown.  Kelly said, “You come all the way about four hours away and then you come to find you drove all the way for nothing pretty much.”  Brian Bergeron visited from Florida.  He said, “On our way coming in from the airport we were like that's it.  You see it in movies and videos and music videos and everything else and we can't even go inside.”

At Scott Air Force Base all military personnel on active duty will serve without pay until Congress makes funds available.  The same holds true for some civilian employees. The commissary at Scott and Fort Leonard Wood will close Wednesday and won't re-open until the furlough is lifted.

The T.S.A. AND F.A.A. are keeping St. Louis Lambert Airport open. Post offices are operating.

Officials with the United State District Court in St. Louis said they have sufficient funds on hand to maintain normal operations through February 9th.