Cafeteria manager at Lafayette High School gets rave reviews for school panini

WILDWOOD, Mo. - It's been said that a sandwich is made up of every bit of criticism between two layers of praise.

"Okay, so this is our whole grain panini bread from Pillsbury and that's why we entered this contest," says Kim Moore, cafeteria manager at Lafayette High School.

Praise is all you'll find about the panini at Lafayette High School.

"I've never had a panini before until I tried it here," says Bobbi Graves, a senior at Lafayette. "I like the bread and texture of it and the ingredients inside. I don't know what she puts in it, but it's good."

A simple sandwich put in a press with just the right amount of cold cuts and veggies. It was enough to win Chef Monica's Nationwide Signature Sandwich Sweepstakes from Pillsbury.

"I'm a big believer on trying different things and when this sandwich thing came along I thought, 'why not,'" Moore said. "Our caterer Jill Hogan has a really good rosemary infusion that she uses. We thought, 'Why not put it on the Italian club?'"

Every day, the 15 cafeteria employees make up to 600 meals for the 2,000 students at Lafayette High School in the Rockwood School District.

"All the food they have here is great, but the panini especially," said Christopher Ulrich, a senior. "If it's not there that one day, I'm kind of bumming. I always have to have that one panini."