Warmer temperatures drive St. Louisians to car washes

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OVERLAND, MO - It’s been a long time coming since St. Louisans had warm and clear skies day to give ol’ reliable a wash.

“It’s a nice day outside and my car is just dirty,” Sheila Furlow said.

“It’s a warm day outside and especially after the freezing and cold,” Deondre Strickland-Irvin said. “It’s just a good day to come out and wash your car.”

60-degree temperatures on Saturday sent some drivers straight to car washes across the St. Louis area.

Drivers had to wait 10-20 minutes at the Blue Iguana in Overland for their turn to get spit shine.

“As long as my car get clean and it’s a quality wash, I’ll wait,” Strickland-Irvin said.

“It’s by no means slow today, but it is one of the slower days we’ve had,” manager Eric Wells said.

The basic wash started at $3, but who wants that with the salt and dirt buildup from the recent wintry weather.

“They are buying nicer package, this time of year especially,” Wells said.

“My car has been sitting like that for about 3 weeks now,” Strickland-Irvin said. “I can’t stand my car being not dirt just looking at it. My car is representation of me so I need it clean.”

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