Taxpayers want school district consolidation in O’Fallon IL

O’FALLON, IL - Are there too many school districts in the O’Fallon Illinois area costing taxpayers too much money.

Taxpayers for years have been calling for consolidation and now there's a study that may give them their wish.

Four O’Fallon area school districts are studying the value of consolidation.  There are three elementary districts each with its own superintendent.  Plus, there's a district with just O’Fallon High School in it.  It has its own superintendent too.

There was an effort to look at consolidation back in 2003 but the effort went nowhere.

Many taxpayers are hoping for a different outcome this time around.

You Paid For It caught up with one of the superintendents to question her about this deal.

If consolidation ultimately happened, O’Fallon would go from four superintendents down to one.