Manhunt continues in Fredericktown; armed man believes someone is after him

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. – A manhunt continues in rural Madison County, Missouri, as police search for an armed suspect who was roaming the town after breaking into one home and confronting the residents.

It all began at a home not far from the police station.

“I just froze in my track, when he came out that closet with a rifle towards me,” said Lisa Green, who lives in that home.

Green’s sister, Paula Barker, was with her in the home at the time of the break-in.

“I heard my sister scream,” she said.

When Green, Barker, and their brother arrived home Tuesday, they found 47-year-old Glenn Frick in a basement closet, armed with at least two guns.

“I seen him with his right hand around her throat,” Barker said.

There was a struggle and the trio managed to get Frick out the back door and he took off, apparently with some of their money.

“It was nerve-wracking to have to go through that,” Barker said.

About 4,000 people live in Fredericktown. Schools were placed on lockdown and a police officer was posted at an elementary school.

Residents were on edge.

“The older people and the young people are worried. The people know who this gentleman say this is totally out of his character, that’s he’s really a good guy,” said Laurel Bohn.

Police said Frick’s family informed them he suffered a fall at work and hit his head last summer and that may have changed his mental condition.

“He’s talking—in their words—‘crazy.’ He’s armed, he’s not out to injure anyone. He feels someone is after him,” said Fredericktown Police Chief Eric Hovis.

The chief said Frick believes his union wants to kill him. His family said that’s obviously not true.

“I don’t want to see anyone get hurt or injured,” Hovis said. “I have an obligation to my community and to this man to bring him in safely.”

The chief said they have paperwork ready for approval for a 96-hour commitment so Frick can get a mental evaluation if and when he’s taken into custody.

He added that Frick knows the area better than most and should have no trouble hiding. One of his weapons has been recovered so he may have just a pistol in his possession.