Man stabbed after asking neighbor to turn down music

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ST. LOUIS – Samuel Bailey, 66, is charged with assault after St. Louis police said he stabbed his neighbor who asked him to turn his music

The stabbing happened Sunday in the middle of the night at an apartment complex located near Grand Blvd. and Cook Ave. in St. Louis.

According to court documents, the victim lives with his mother, who has terminal cancer and Bailey was playing music loud in the middle of the night and it was bothering her.

Court documents go on to say that the victim knocked on Bailey’s door and asked him to turn the music down. He did not. When the victim returned a second time, he said Bailey stabbed him several times in the hallway.

According to court documents, Bailey told the arresting officer that he cut his neighbor because he “didn't like his neighbor trying to tell him what to do”.

The victim was treated for his wounds at a local hospital and has been released.

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