Despite warmer temperatures, water main breaks still a problem

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Although the weather is warming up, that doesn’t mean the broken water main problems are over. There were 45 crews out on the streets in St. Louis County on Monday.

By the afternoon, some water was finally starting to trickle out of the kitchen faucet at the Overland residence of Anne Pace.

“A pain in the neck, yeah,” she said.

When Pace awoke Monday morning, she was able to make coffee and then things changed.

“About 8:30 then went in to turn the water on in the kitchen and there was no water,” Pace said.

Just down the street, Missouri American Water crews worked to get everyone back online. While homeowners did not have water, the nearby elementary school had no problems. Crews have been busy repairing broken mains.

“We’re over 500 (repairs) now since the first of the year,” said Brian Russell, a spokesman for Missouri American Water. “To put that in perspective, 15 or 20 is a pretty normal day.”

They fixed 60 on Sunday and woke up to 30 leaks Monday, with approximately 190 problems still awaiting attention. Those could be broken mains, duplicate calls, or individual homes. And if the pipes are frozen in your home, it’s up to you to get it fixed.

“If there’s a frozen pipe inside your house, the best thing you can do is call a plumber,” Russell said. “If you have the skills and you’re confident of your abilities, maybe you can attack it yourself; you can hit it with a hairdryer.”

The folks at Missouri American Water are hoping by this coming weekend everything is back to normal.

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