You Paid For It prods Board of Alderman on crime fighting bill

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ST. LOUIS - You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis questions the head of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen about his new legislation designed to help in the fight against crime.

Elliott has been slamming the Board on Facebook for its inaction in the crime fight.

Now Board President Lewis Reed says the Board is taking a big step to play a more forceful roll.

His legislation requires the Mayor's Public Safety Director to provide the Board of Aldermen with the city's crime fighting plan buy July 1st of every year.

Reed says having that information will help the Board make effective spending decisions on how to best help the battle to bring down the murders.

The legislation which still has to be passed by the Board also requires the Public Safety Director to study plans from other cities that have been effective in bringing down crime and report that data to the Board of aldermen.

A spokeswoman for the Mayor Krewson says the administration hasn't read Reed's legislation yet.  But says they're eager to work with the Board of Aldermen and other city leaders on ways to improve public safety.

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