Saturday morning update on Glendale water main breaks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GLENDALE, Mo. – Missouri American Water crews are continuing repairs on numerous water main breaks in Glendale.

The Glendale Police Department released this information Saturday morning on the status of the water main breaks as of 7:45 am. We will keep you posted as more information comes in.

BERRY ROAD – Missouri American Water crews arrived around 11:00 last night, worked through the night. Crews are continuing to work. Roadway is still closed while repairs are being made. Crews anticipate repair completion and roadway opening around 12 noon today.

BROWNELL AND ELMWOOD AVENUES – Repairs have been completed; service restored, however, patches of ice remain in the area.

ESSEX & EDWIN  Area has been marked by Missouri American Water. Water is still flowing. Roadway is passable.

ESSEX & ELM – Area has been marked by Missouri American Water. No water flowing from break. Small patch of ice.

429 CLIF SIDE DRIVE – Repairs completed!

21 HILL DRIVE – Ice on most of the roadway, however, it is passable. No flowing water.

855 ALBERT – Missouri American Water arriving on the scene with heavy equipment this morning.

22-24 NOLAN DRIVE – Water is now flowing from break, however, no hazards at this time.

​927 BROWNELL AVENUE – No water flowing, however, ice is forming along curbline. No hazards.

909 GLENBROOK – Water is still flowing. Ice is forming with half of the roadway ice covered. Roadway is passable.

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