Local church provides shelter for homeless during bitter cold

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NORTH ST. LOUIS - The past two weeks have been bitterly cold with dangerous wind chills and communities are looking for ways to provide a way to stay warm.

St. Peter's AME Church in North St. Louis is opening its doors to anyone seeking shelter. Local leaders and volunteers are also stepping up to help. People have been dropping off blankets, pillows and bed sheets and those who are staying there say they`re grateful to find a warm place to escape the harsh cold.

With the cold temperatures, it can be hazardous for anyone to risk a night outdoors. St. Peter's AME Church is using all of its space to provide shelter. They are also looking for volunteers to help and donations of items that they need.

"Everybody deserves a warm place to stay at night and everybody deserves to have food in their stomach, it is part of our Christian duty to make sure nobody is hungry nobody is homeless and nobody is naked so when i received the call asking would i open up the church and after i prayed about it and thought about it how could i say no and i know first hand what it feels like to be homeless and have to sleep in the cold," said Pastor Steve Shepard.

Shepard says their doors are open for anyone seeking shelter. The need has been so overwhelming that on some nights there haven't been any empty cots.

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