Jeopardy contestant mispronounces “Gangsta’s Paradise”

Mispronouncing the 1995 Coolio hit, “Gangsta’s Paradise,” cost one Jeopardy! contestant big! In fact, he lost $3,200 for the pronunciation of the word “gangstas.”

Contestant Nich Spicher was originally awarded $1,600 for his answer to this clue. Later in the show, host Alex Trebek revealed judges had overruled Spicher’s answer.

Spicher said “gangter’s instead of “gangsta’s.”

Despite the $3,200 mistake, Spicher went on to win Final Jeopardy.

The show later clarified their correction on Twitter. “Today we learned there’s a huge difference between “gangster” and a “gangsta.”

In an interview with TMZ, Coolio said he thought Spicher’s answer was “close enough.” He also said when in doubt, go with an “a” instead of an “er” sound.