AAA: Dealing with cold weather issues

ST. LOUIS, Mo. _AAA Missouri has seen an increased number of calls during the recent cold snap. The fleet in Hazelwood responded to more than 500 calls for service on Wednesday (Dec. 27).

Josh Connors, fleet supervisor at AAA, said the most common call for service lately is a failed battery. Connors said it's wise to get the vehicle battery checked even if the battery is relatively new.

Vehicle owners should also check the fluid levels like oil, coolant and window washer fluid, and also check the air pressure and tread of the vehicle's tires.

Drivers should keep several items on hand in the vehicle this time of year in case they do get stranded. Items like blankets, extra clothing, hats, gloves, hand warmers and jumper cables will help keep the vehicle occupants comfortable until help arrives. Drivers may also want to keep an insulated cooler with water and snacks to have while they wait.