Blowing snow remains a concern for drivers across St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS – Somebody needs to call Santa Claus and let him know he left his arctic front behind in St. Louis.

The wind-whipped snow began falling in the southern counties of the St. Louis area at about 10 a.m. Tuesday. Pops of snow have been developing around the area for the afternoon. It was heavy at times, causing some visibility problems.

Approximately 100 MoDOT plows have been monitoring the conditions. When it gets this cold, the Missouri Department of Transportation changes its approach to keeping the highways and roads clear.

“We're seeing some areas, especially the bridges and ramps, that are refreezing; so, for now, because of the cold temperatures, we're just mostly plowing,” said Arisa Prapaisilp, MoDOT assistant maintenance engineer. “We're not really putting any salt down, because that can cause more issues, because if we put salt down, it melts the snow and refreezes again with the temperatures.”

In the meantime, MoDOT is requesting commuters drive for the conditions and slow down. They’ve responded to a number of spinouts already, even though it’s only been a dusting.

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