Pay It Forward – Meet the woman who helps those in need of aid in Madison County

BRIGHTON, IL - Several charities in Madison county, Illinois received a very big Christmas gift this year.

Thanks to one woman's efforts more than two semi-trucks full of donations went to needy families.

She is the recipient of our Pay It Forward award brought to you by First Bank.

Sherry Gilleland of Brighton, Illinois is the founder of Dream Home Charities. Every year she organizes a “Fill Santa`s Semis” event and has collected tens of thousands of dollars in items for several local charities and food pantries. But now she is getting a special Christmas gift.  Her friend Terrah Bevolo surprised Sherry with our Pay It Forward award, a $500 gift card from First Bank.

Dream Home Charities grew out of Sherry`s business, Dream Home Realty Centre in Wood River. Six years ago, she started “Fill Santa`s Semi event”.  This year more than two and a half semis were filled of new toys, clothing, food and other items for needy families and individuals.

Terrah Bevolo and Sherry have been friends since middle school, and because of her tireless efforts, she nominated Sherry for the Pay It Forward award.

Tonight's Pay It Forward award is brought to you by First Bank. If you would like to nominate a deserving person for the award go to and look for the Pay It Forward page.