Wildfire warnings continue across St. Louis metro area

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – With high winds, low humidity, and no precipitation in our area, the potential for a wildfire increases.

Nick Dzuiba, the natural resources director for St. Charles County Parks, said they’ve issued a fire ban at all parks until further notice.

“It wouldn’t take much at all. Any kind of spark at all would ignite a fire,” he said. “Fire in conditions like this, they’re uncontrollable.”

“We're not allowing any open fires at campsites and saying no barbeque as well, because even a barbecue pit gets out of control, it could easily light a wildfire.”

The St. Louis Fire Department issued a warning over the weekend because of fires that were starting when cars hot engines were coming in contact with piles of dry leaves.

“I wouldn't do any outside burning at all,” Dzuiba said. “Even a cigarette bud can possibly start a fire, it happens be careful and watch out for those dangers.”

St. Clair County, Illinois parks issued its own warning as well on Wednesday, citing the National Weather Service’s ‘red flag’ notice, meaning conditions would be ideal for a wild fire and its rapid spread.

“We try to be proactive—installing a burn ban—to hopefully reduce the risk,” Dzuiba said.

With rain not expected in the forecast for the near future, these warnings will likely remain intact for some time.