St. Louis Hills residents call public safety meeting over recent carjackings

ST. LOUIS - Residents of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood called a safety meeting Tuesday evening following an uptick of carjackings in the area.

According to police, a resident was assaulted and carjacked last week on Neosho or “Snowflake Street.” Also, just a few month ago, there was a carjacking on another neighborhood street – Devonshire.

Major Daniel Howard with the St. Louis Police Department South Patrol Division said they are seeing overall more carjackings in St. Louis and other cities like Detroit and Chicago. He said the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood has had four carjackings in the past 12 months, and this is a crime that they have never experienced here before.

Howard said carjackings are completely random. They can happen anywhere at any time of day. He said to combat this violent crime, they are working with the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office on all carjacking cases.

“The FBI brings a lot of resources to the table that we don’t have readily available to us, and then we look for federal prosecution and that’s where the US Attorney’s Office comes in,” he said. “So we are looking for some way to get the message out to the bad guys, that they are looking at federal crime and very extensive sentences.”

Howard said overall crime is down in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood, but they have never had personal violent crimes like this.