Final interviews for St. Louis police chief this week

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - In-person interviews begin for the city police chief position this week. The city confirmed five outside candidates are being flown in Wednesday and three internal candidates are still in the running. Originally, 42 people applied for the position.

The city's director of personnel said there's a diverse group of candidates. Some are from Arizona, Baltimore, Chicago, and Dallas. Rick Frank said 50 to 75 percent of the final eight are non-white candidates and one is a black woman.

On Wednesday, candidates will undergo a management simulation test. Frank said it tests for leadership abilities, ability to prioritize, work with HR, budget and other issues. He said 35 percent of the candidates score will come from this test.

On Thursday, the eight candidates will be interviewed by two different panels. Both The International Association of Police Chiefs and The Citizens Advisory group, which was put together by the mayor's office, will ask questions of the candidates. Frank said the interviews will make up 65 percent of each candidate's score. They will take place at Webster University. He said internal candidates are eligible for five additional points for already being on the city staff.

On Thursday evening, he said they will certify the top candidates and Judge Jimmy Edwards will likely announce the candidate's names afterward. Then, the final six candidates will answer questions at a town hall open to the public. It will be held at the St. Louis University School of Law downtown between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

This is the first time the city has done a national search for a candidate. In the past, the hire had to be internal.

The city said the final choice for chief will be made between the end of this week and the end of the year. The city said regardless of how the final six are ranked, the ultimate decision for the chief comes down to St. Louis Director of Public Safety Judge Jimmie Edwards.