Authorities seek suspect behind one-man crime spree in St. Louis area

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – An armed robber hit one north county after another Tuesday, leaving local police agencies scrambling to find the suspect.

The description of the suspect and his car are similar in all robberies.

“That is unusual to have four in the same region in one day with the same similarities; that is highly unusual,” said Detective Dave Owens, Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department said.

The suspect was wearing a black and grey hoodie with the number ‘23’ on the front, wearing a camouflage mask.

Police said it’s believed he robbed a Family Dollar in Bellefontaine Neighbors and a second Family Dollar in north city. They said he hit a pizza place in the Jennings area. And there was an attempted robbery at a convenience store in Northwoods.

Police said the man was armed with a handgun and driving a four-door red or maroon vehicle.

City police released a video of a hoodie wearing suspect from a Family Dollar theft in the Soulard area December 2.

Police were trying to determine if he was involved in Tuesday’s crime spree, although he was wearing different clothes and does not have the mask.

So far, no one has been injured, but authorities were concerned the crimes cold turn violent.

“Our concern is if someone tries to get involved or tries to stop the suspect … somebody could get seriously injured or, God forbid, killed,” Detective Owens said.

They also feared the suspect may be desperate for money, but they don’t yet have a motive.