Local police wives group bands together to support family of wounded officer

ST. LOUIS – Wives of police officers have been working around the clock at St. Anthony’s Medical Center in 16-hour shifts.

Long hours, yes. But it also reflects a commitment to an extended law enforcement family.

The wives are members of the St. Louis Police Wives Association, an organization comprised of police spouses on both sides of the river.

When news broke that Officer O’Connor was shot by a burglary suspect Monday afternoon, the group sprang into action.

“I went immediately to the hospital,” Melanie Wiginton said. “We had a police escort personally walking us into the hospital, and then taking us directly to where the family and a secondary staging areas for officers was being held.”

The wives sort out immediate needs for the family.

“Whether it’s taking care of the officers’ children, getting all of their family notified, getting them all to the hospital, there’s a lot that are out of town, so we try to help and see what we can do with logistics,” she said.

The organization is comprised of police spouses, mainly wives, on both sides of the river. The STLPWA currently has more than 200 active members.

The St. Louis Police Wives Association hopes the public will consider sending well-wishes through its website.

It also encourages the public to contribute to the GoFundMe account for Officer O’Connor’s family.

In the meantime, it hopes prayers will lead to a recovery for the injured officer.

“We’re not at minute by minute anymore. And then we’ll just take it from there until they tell us that we can move to day by day, and then week by week, and then we’ll just keep pushing that way,” Wiginton said.