Police plan to increase presence after spate of Shaw neighborhood carjackings

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ST. LOUIS – A recent spate of carjackings is causing anxiety for many residents in the Shaw Neighborhood.

Several of those back to back carjackings occurred last week.

In one instance, a suspect used his gun to hit a woman in the face before he and his accomplice drove off with her car.

Monday night, the Shaw Neighborhood Association invited residents to speak and address their concerns.

Officer Edward Slade with the City of St. Louis Police Department addressed the small crowd.

One man asked why officers aren’t pulling over cars in his neighborhood that he noticed have expired license plates.

The man continued to say that to him, vehicles driving around with expired plates seems suspicious.

A woman asked that she is worried about being carjacked when she has her children in the back seat and isn’t sure what she would do.

Many people suggested that police increase their presence by having more patrol cars roam their neighborhoods.

“A lot of this has to do with the force and manpower,” said Micheal Chance, who has lived in Shaw for 26 years.

“Obviously it would be nice to have more patrols in the neighborhood especially during some of the twilight and dusk hours, when the lighting isn’t necessarily quite so great.”

“In order for us to have a little bit of empathy sometimes we have to remember that once this (uniform) all comes off that this could happen to us,” said Slade, “and it has happened to officers off duty and things of that nature I’m sure.”

FOX 2 asked Slade if officers will be increasing their presence during the Holiday Season, especially around the Missouri Botanical Garden where the Garden Glow started Monday night.

Slade replied, “I work with a lot of good folks at the Botanical Gardens and we’re in constant contact,” Slade said, “and they send us as much information as they can on the event that we have and that will be part of having a higher presence.”

The association said that there are already three cameras in the neighborhood but that they are planning to add two more.

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