So far, Amazon has been good for Seattle’s growth and economy

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SEATTLE, WA – St. Louis and more than 200 other cities across North America anxiously await the big decision from Amazon.  Many are wondering which community will be chosen next year to be home to Amazon HQ2, its second headquarters.  St. Louis has submitted a proposal.

Amazon has dramatically changed the downtown Seattle area.  Construction workers have been going full tilt building new Amazon skyscrapers and apartment buildings where workers could live.  A Japanese restaurant is being torn down and in its place a 42 story apartment building will go up.

If Amazon sneezes, no doubt Seattle will catch a cold.  But, right now the ecommerce company is healthy and growing by leaps and bounds and so is Seattle.

More than 40,000 people work for Amazon in Seattle.  They’ll need 50,000 employees in their second company headquarters town.

Stores and restaurants downtown Seattle are busy.

Matt Day keeps a close watch on Amazon. Day is a business reporter for the Seattle Times.  He has a message for town’s hoping to capture amazon’s favor.  Day said, “It’s like anything, it's a mixed bag you're either growing or you're dying and Amazon will help your grow but it will sort of create the social strains along with that that Seattle's seen most likely.”