St. Louis police partner with FBI to investigate carjackings in Shaw neighborhood

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A rash of recent carjackings in the Shaw neighborhood in south city had some people on high alert Monday night.

Police said that two of the four cases were connected and the victims were all women.

Authorities said the crimes began Thursday evening and carried into late Saturday night. One woman was robbed and carjacked on Botanical Avenue. The same happened to another woman on Shenandoah Avenue. Both cases were connected.

Police said the women in two separate incidents were also robbed and carjacked on Cleveland Avenue.

In one case, police one of the two suspects hit the victim’s face with a gun.

Police have made arrests in two of the four carjackings and have partnered with the FBI to solve the other cases.

“You’ve gotta know who is around you,” said Tom Dewoskin, who has been looking at the Shaw neighborhood as a potential spot to buy property.

“We are having a lot of fun doing an Airbnb, I thought maybe we can get a good size two family because this is kind of a good area,” he said. “When you’re talking about bringing people in from out of town and telling them it’s a safe area, then it’s really gotta be a safe area.”

“If I see someone being shady, I’ll just drive away or just stay in my car,” said Karyn Close, who has been living in the Shaw Neighborhood for two months.

“I also have a pit bull, so I think people are afraid of me because they see me walking around the neighborhood and know that he will attack if I am in danger.”

Some elected officials said carjackings are not exclusive to south city or just Shaw.

“I know throughout the city we are encountering the same problem,” said Alderman Steve Conway. “Since we realized that this was a pattern, police have increased their presence, they’ve brought in special ops and the FBI.”

Police advise citizens to be aware of their surroundings, to be extra cautious when getting in and out of your car especially if it’s late at night and to report anything that looks even remotely suspicious.

In the meantime, the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association is planning to have a community meeting sometime next month.

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