The Pulse – Agencies providing services to veterans & the decline of refugees moving to St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO — Aviation giant Boeing gives millions of dollars worth of grants to non-profits across the nation that cater to the needs of men and women in the military, veterans and their families.  Learn more about the agencies that provide much needed resources to those who serve and those who have served our country.

The second part of The Pulse of St. Louis examines why there is a decline in the number of immigrants and refugees moving to the St. Louis area and the impact that’s having on the community.



  • Christine Cronin, Vice President And Clinical Director Missouri Veterans Endeavor
  • U-S Army Retired Lt. Colonel Llewellyn Mcghee Platoon Leader For The St. Louis First Platoon The Mission
  • Jonathan Belcher, Senior Director Of Permanent Supportive Housing With The St. Patrick Center
  • Randell Gelzer, Senior Director, State And Local Government Affairs With Boeing.
  • Nadya Kanim, An Iraqi Refugee From Jordan
  • Anna Crosslin, President and C-E-O Of The International Institute
  • Jim Hacking, Immigration Attorney.