South city man catches package thief on home surveillance camera

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ST. LOUIS - Richard Hunt has lived in his south St. Louis home on Nebraska Avenue for more than eight years and never had any problems; until Monday afternoon, when a thief stole a delivery from eBay.

After receiving notification of the delivery, Hunt checked his front door, but the package was not there. He watched his own surveillance video of the mailman deliver the package to the front door. He said the mailman never knocked and his package was stolen soon afterwards. The crime was also caught on camera.

“He got out his scanner, scanned the package, and left. Did not knock on the door. I was home and could’ve gotten the package," Hunt said.

The package was delivered at around 2 p.m. By 4 p.m., it was stolen. The thief may not have realized the whole thing was captured on Hunt’s surveillance camera.

“That was $40 of my money that I spent on something and I don’t have it now,” Hunt said.

The thief was wearing a Blues hat and a New England Patriots hoodie at the time of the crime. Hunt said the man ran down Dakota Street and disappeared with the stolen box.

"It was some cheap dinner wear. The whole total cost of everything was $40,” Hunt said. The guy who stole it is going to be in for a big surprise when he opens up that package.”

Hunt said he hopes someone will recognize the thief and wants his story to serve as a warning for others to be more vigilant about how and when they get their packages.

“When you have a delivery, you have it sent registered or something that has to be signed for," he said.

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