Prop P is passed by City of St. Louis voters

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ST. LOUIS – It’s election day around the St. Louis Metro Area. St. Louis city voters are among those heading to the polls.

Voters are deciding on a possible sales tax increase to benefit police and firefighters.

Polls in the City of St. Louis closed at 7 pm Tuesday night.

At issues is Proposition P.  Prop P will a sales tax increase to provide funding for first responders in the City of St. Louis.

Voters in the city passed the proposition by a margin of 60-percent to 40-percent.

St. Louis County has already passed Prop P and city voters made the same choice Tuesday night.

Prop p is a half-cent sales tax increase that would give raises to St. Louis city police officers and firefighters

Mayor Lyda Krewson is among those who support the measure saying the city needs to pay officers competitively, especially with the recent raise approved for St. Louis County police officers.

But others oppose the proposition especially after the controversy surrounding some police actions during protests following the Jason Stockley ruling.

Mayor Krewson says as it stands now, city officers start out making $42,000 a year.

County officers are expected to start at $52,000 with the recent raise approved for them.

If Prop P passes, city police and firefighters would receive a $6,000 raise.

If approved the city`s existing sales tax rate would go from 9.2 to 9.7 percent, and that would go into effect in April.

Mayor​ ​Krewson’s​ ​Statement​ ​on​ ​Passage​ ​of​ ​Proposition​ ​P:

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who voted "Yes" on Prop P today. Thank you to the Board of Aldermen, the donors and the hardworking campaign

team that worked to get this passed.

This vote will provide a needed boost to our Police Department, our Fire Department, the Circuit Attorney's Office and to our young people.

By passing Prop P we took a step toward making a safer St. Louis a reality. Because of your vote today, our women and men in uniform will get a much-deserved raise,

making their salaries competitive with officers in the County, and making sure that we can attract and retain the best officers.

I recognize that we can't arrest our way to a safer city, and I'm thrilled that voters agree. Passing Prop P means we can make significant investments on the prevention side,

with funding for after school and summer job programs, recreation, social and mental health services and also demolishing vacant buildings.


 Cops Thank Community For Support Of Prop P:

As election returns made it clear that Proposition P was headed for a victory Tuesday night, The St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA) took a moment to express their gratitude on behalf of their 1,100 members to the citizens of St. Louis for their steadfast support of the rank-and-file officers of the police department. Speaking from an Election Day watch party at the SLPOA Hall, the police union’s president, Ed Clark, said, “We want to thank St. Louis voters for their support. This is an important moment for my members and the St. Louisans they protect every single day. The $6,000 across-the-board raise guaranteed under our police union contract represents the biggest raise in the history of the department. We still have some work to do to bring our salaries up to a level that fully competes with neighboring police departments but that’s a subject for another day. Today, we celebrate.”

Proposition P was a referendum on the St. Louis City Police Department and the results were crystal clear.  Residents support the police!


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