St. Louis County sees spike in murder rate

ST. LOUIS, MO — There are a lot more murders in St. Louis County than you may think.  The homicide rate went from 48 murders in 2014 to 80 murders in 2016. That is an increase of 66 percent.  That is 10 percent higher than in 2016. Most of the murders happen in North St. Louis County in the areas around Castle Point, Glasgow Village, and Ferguson.

Police Chief John Belmar says voter passage of Prop P means the county will have the ability to hire more than 100 additional officers and institute more patrols in the Castle Point area.  A $1 million federal grant is helping to launch foot patrols and other measures in Castle Point in addition to street lights and traffic barriers.

Belmar blames the spike in the murder rate on drugs, gangs and personal disputes.