Grizzly bear exhibit closed for repairs at St. Louis Zoo

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ST. LOUIS – With the nice weather on tap for the weekend, some of you might be planning a trip to the St. Louis Zoo. But if you were planning to stop by the newly opened Grizzly Ridge bear exhibit, you may want to skip that trip.

As of Friday, zoo officials had temporarily closed down the exhibit for repairs.

But zookeepers said Huck and Finley, the brother and sister grizzly bears from Montana, were moved out of the exhibit as workers make some important maintenance.

“They’re doing exactly what we want them to do; they’re being bears,” said Billy Brennan, St. Louis Zoo director of public relations.

Which means the siblings are digging.

“And now we are just kind of taking precautions to help them not dig right by the exterior part,” Brennan said.

Zoo officials said the bears were digging really close to the glass and then putting their dirty paws right up against the window.

“And that would get all muddy and get all messy,” Brennan said.

So now workers will lay down a small layer of a concrete slab to prevent the digging.

Zookeepers said they want the bears to dig to help them understand what more they can do to make their environment more comfortable.

“We’ve been monitoring since they’ve moved into their new home with cameras here to see what they’re doing, we want them to tell us how to finish this awesome exhibit,” Brennan said.

Depending on the weather, zoo officials plan to reopen the exhibit sometime next week.