Fire Chief notes hidden danger in homes

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL - There is a hidden fire danger inside homes that most people don’t know about.

Fire experts tell Fox 2, that type of hidden danger is your modern furniture.

Chief Bryan Doyle with the Fairview Fire Department explained that today’s furniture burns so fast and so hot, it’s harder for people to get out alive.

“When we go back to the older houses, you had a ceiling temperature of about 1100 degrees and it was a slow curve to get to that 1100 degrees,” Doyle explained, “we know today that we are hitting 1600 degrees spikes.”

Doyle said that nearly forty years ago a person had about twenty minutes to escape but today, it’s only 3 to 4 minutes.

“We have polyesters, we have plastics, everything that we deal with in today’s home are all made out of petroleum based products,” Doyle said.

“When I think about my grandparents’ house, it was wool material, it was cotton material, it was real wood in the homes back then.”

Doyle said that while he isn’t suggesting for anyone to start buying wooden antique furniture, he is recommending having working smoke detectors.

He also said that if you’re someone who is looking for your next place to live, make sure that your new home comes equipped with working sprinklers.