Dupo police create haunted house to keep kids out of Halloween mischief

DUPO, Ill. - Halloween is a night when teenagers have been known to get into trouble.

“Anywhere from TP-ing to vandalism, you know there’s all types of stuff that happens on Halloween,” said Dupo Police Officer Mike Sullivan.

That’s one reason Sullivan and Dupo Police Chief Kevin Smith decided to create a haunted house with help from community volunteers. The city’s roughly 6,000 square-foot maintenance shed was turned into house of freight.

There was no charge to walk through the haunted house. Officers volunteered their time and in some cases spent their own money to create a place for teens to visit on Halloween.

“It gets them over here and not out into mischief,”Smith said.

He said the project has also created positive interactions with police and teenagers.

“This day and age it’s very important,” he said.

Smith He said the goal was to let students know the police are there to help.

“We’ve had a lot of help and a lot of community support as you can tell by all the workers that are out here,” said Sullivan.

Smith believes it’s the type of project other communities may want to copy.