Botanical burglars strike again at Richmond Heights nursery

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. - Some of the most popular items to buy at Garden Heights Nursery are also the most popular to steal.

Decorative pottery, topiary, evergreens, and soils have been swiped from the front lot in the past few weeks.

Garden Heights Nursery Tree and Shrub Manager Steve Roesch said the business has been hit at least a handful of times. Someone is stealing the items after hours, he said.

“When I start to notice that some of my plants are missing, it’s kind of easy for me to tally that up,” Roesch said.

Some of the thefts involve large glazed pieces of terra cotta pottery.

“$199. It’s a pretty hefty price tag on that. And then a pretty big loss for us,” Roesch said. He estimates that the total loss is at least $2,000.

Richmond Heights police are investigating.

Roesch said he and his colleagues are taking the incidents in stride and not overreacting to the thefts. Still, he added, it is unnerving to know that someone is stealing items from the lot.

“It’s a little demoralizing in the morning. Everyone that works here. We’re a family unit, for more or less. And we kind of take it a little personally," he said. "It’s not the typical thing you would expect from someone who is an avid gardener or anything like that."

Garden Heights Nursery, located on Big Bend, is a staple in Richmond Heights, now entering its 22nd season of business.

Roesch said he is hopeful someone can put a stop to the thefts.

“Karma has a funny way or working out, so I guess that’s all I could really add to that.”

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