You Paid For It – Breckenridge Hills, Woodson Hills at odds over worn down city street

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BRECKENRIDGE Hills, Mo. - The You Paid For It Teams discovered residents struggling with a city street in Breckenridge Hills that's like an obstacle course for drivers.

It's so bad that traffic has slowed to a crawl. Most emergency vehicles just take a detour.

Isolda leads to a bridge, but the street on either side of the bridge is filled with the huge potholes.

The mayor of Breckenridge Hills told Elliott Davis that years of flooding made the road bad, but added the city doesn't have the money to fix it.

At the end of the block is the City of Woodson Terrace. Breckenridge Hills has asked them to help pay the bill since the majority of residents using the road are Woodson Terrace residents. Government officials there said no, adding they couldn't spend their tax dollars in another city.

Motorists said they use the road because taking another route would mean adding 10 additional minutes to their commute. They're frustrated and see no reason why the mayors of both cities can't work together to solve the problem.

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