Family claims child dragged in trash bag while teacher watched

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ST. LOUIS, MO — The family of a second grader claims one of the young girls classmates put her in a trash bag and dragged her around their elementary school classroom while a teacher watched.

The incident allegedly happened at Kipp Victory Academy in north St. Louis. The family says they were afraid their 7-year-old could have suffocated while in the bag. However school officials say, after a thorough investigation, they believe the incident never happened. The second grader's family disagrees.

The student’s grandmother, Valencia Dale, walked into the Kipp Victory Academy to get answers and watch the school's surveillance footage.

“It is my understanding that she was drugged around the classroom by another student. I asked her how she got in the bag and she said, ‘He was stronger than I was, I could not stop him," Dale said.

The school disputes that, claiming those were false allegations.

"It's traumatic, it's not a call that a parent would like to receive; that their child is harmed in anyway, especially put inside a trash bag," Dale said.

The student's family said they took her to the  emergency room after school Wednesday and she was treated for a mild head injury and a mild concussion.

Kipp St. Louis says they take student matters very seriously. The school released this statement:

"After a thorough investigation into this incident it was determined that the allegations are unfounded. The safety of our students is our first priority, and as we do in all matters of student safety, we responded swiftly and thoroughly."

FOX 2 News crews were not allowed to see the video due to privacy reasons. The child's mother has removed her from school and will enroll her in another school district.

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